Français - SENAYA - Singer - Composer - Guitarist


Once upon a time in the world of the imagination, there was Senaya, a half-blood, who comes from the country where negritude originated and is deeply rooted.

She was born in the city of Dakar, Senegal, the child of a Guadeloupean mother and Senegalese father. Out of that bi-cultural blend emerged a multi-faceted rising star exuding creativity, Senaya.

She is a singer, composer, author, poet and guitarist. In a phrase “a self-taught artist of a thousand flavours.” In her musical life so far, Senaya has already crossed one half of Earth, stopping along the way to relish and absorb the culture, but especially the music, of the many places she has visited and lived – to learn the musical traditions.

A committed humanist, Senaya is engaged in many humanitarian causes, not the least of which is human rights and justice for one and for all.

A self-described “artist without borders” unencumbered by national or international barriers, Senaya’s cross-cultural and multilingual attributes have enabled her to create music synonymous with her image and worldview. They encompass cultures and music, which incorporate American Blues, the rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Folk, Pop and R'n’B. Her repertoire is eclectic.

Endowed with charisma, “Senaya is a veritable talent, a commanding performer with a warm, smooth, distinct voice.” That’s how music critics and fans describe this authentic, fresh artist. That’s always evident in her melodious stylings…v

Wherever there’s a musical Groove, there’s good music, there is Senaya. If you love good music, you’ll love Senaya. Wherever there’s music that touches the Soul, there’s Senaya. Catch her in concert when she comes to your town.

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It is in her student’s apartment, in Nancy, France, that Senaya closed her eyes and threw a coin on a map of the world. She had already decided wherever the coin stopped rolling that country would be her next home. The choice was between Australia and Canada.

In 1996, Senaya arrived in Montreal and co-founded the band Sunroots. She was the lead singer, and used her multi-lingual ability to sing in different languages. She shared the stage with musical artists of different national, cultural and ethnic backgrounds – including Cameroonians, Cubans and Canadians. It’s on Canadian stages that the self-taught artist learned her métier, developed and honed her musical skills.

In 2000, Senaya embarks on a solo career.

In 2003, Senaya is selected to present a collection of her original compositions at the Granby International Song Festival Competition, the most important Francophone festival in North America (Canada and the United States). She is designated Laureate of the year.

This Award (of distinction) is followed by another one in March 2004, when she was awarded “Coup de Coeur” Prize’’ ( Crowd Favourite) at the Festival Vues Sur la Relève for a performance with her musicians, following a series of solo performances Senaya calls "Soul Acoustique."

In 2005, Senaya achieved another career milestone with the co-production of her first album, “Garde la Tête Haute” (“Keep Your Head Up’’). It earned her a Juno nomination, Canada’s highest music award (equivalent to the U.S. Grammy’s) for Best Francophone Album. She was also nominated for the Revelation Archambault Award in Quebec that same year.

To further consolidate her career as an independent artist, Senaya has established her own management and production company with her older sister. Entertainment and record production will be vital components of the production company, Vues Sur Scènes, which she wants to be a reflection of her stated values. As such, she surrounds herself with trustworthy, honest, and visionary people. With her sister, an impresario, by her side, Senaya, “the female orchestra,” is ready to discover and explore new worlds and horizons…

“Keep Your Head Up’’ is tightly-weaved collection 13 songs, each with a different vibe and cultural flavour – Soul, Rock, Pop, Zouk, R & B, Funk, Creole and French. Each song is textually rich and wrapped in positivism, not only drawing on the artist’s cultural and worldly experiences, but also on her personal strength of character. The objective of this singer and citizen of the world is to inspire hope and joy through her eclectic music. Most importantly, this multidisciplinary artist’s mission is to make her mark on music festival stages of the world – Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Africa... And as her musical adventure continues, Senaya is also working on her next album, which she promises will be ripe with rhythm, emotion and guaranteed pleasure.